Limp Bizkit Baseball LE 10


Limp Bizkit Baseball LE 10

 This jersey will allow custom nameplates and numbers. All orders are pre-sale so please be patient with us on these as we are waiting to submit the order 2 weeks after they go live to accommodate for everyone. These will be shipped in 8 or so weeks. The customization takes time <3

 See size chart below so you know what size you will need and always reach out if you have questions. 

 We love you guys so much, thank you for supporting <3 

Since our premiere initiative of running a jersey raffle to provide COVID relief, we have prided ourselves in building a community built around giving back and providing high quality wearable art. We live by a simple truth, “we treat this as a family, not a business”. Always feel free to reach out, we look forward to chatting. If you are ever in Denver, give us a shout!

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