Description shwiLLy is born and raised in Huntsville, AL but is currently part of the Denver, CO fam. He brings constant new age heaters with innovative and unique sound design, lots of vocal work, and live percussion vision.


You can mistake his unique style of hip hop blended with heavy bass music. Check out his tunes at https://soundcloud.com/shwillyum!!!! He has releases with tons of prominent up and coming names in the bass scene such as Spicy Bois, Mean Mug Music, The Untz, Wubaholics and more.


This jersey will be feature fully stitched and embroidered chest logo, nameplate, numbers, and black smiley on the nape of the neck. Stripes will be cut and sewn with the roses, black oil, and background grey smileys all being sublimated. Have fun with this jersey and make it yours with your choice to customize the nameplate and number to your liking.


Check out shwiLLy at the following: Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/shwillyum Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shwillyum/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/shwillyum

Since our premiere initiative of running a jersey raffle to provide COVID relief, we have prided ourselves in building a community built around giving back and providing high quality wearable art. We live by a simple truth, “we treat this as a family, not a business”. Always feel free to reach out, we look forward to chatting. If you are ever in Denver, give us a shout!

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