ZD SOX Baseball Jersey


ZD SOX Jersey replicating the 1985 Chicago White Sox no-button baseball jerseys are here by popular request.

These will have sublimated chest and bottom logos. The nameplates and numbers will be stitched and the patch on the arm will an embroidered and stitched logo to replicate a game quality jersey that most of you have come to know and love from Elev808 Designs.

All jerseys will have #ZD and then there will be custom nameplates available. Be sure to include your desired nameplate in the appropriate field prior to submitting your order. As with ALL our drops, we will be donating proceeds from this release to raise funds for a current and relevant cause.

Proceeds from this jersey will go to support the Rave Sober – EDM Cares Project. EDM cares is a not for profit organization created to provide opportunities for the Dance Community to become more involved in public outreach and community services. RAVE SOBER has been created to foster and grow a community of like-minded people. Being sober at EDM events can still be a fun and enjoyable experience.

Regardless of whether someone is in recovery, or just chooses to live a sober life, it’s always helpful to know that there is someone to support you. We network to meet up at shows and provide support for one another online.

Check them out at https://www.edmcares.org/! Additionally, if you donate $5-10 to RAVE SOBER and provide us with proof of your donation we will reimburse you for your donation, donate at https://bit.ly/2YxxsCO.

Since our premiere initiative of running a jersey raffle to provide COVID relief, we have prided ourselves in building a community built around giving back and providing high quality wearable art. We live by a simple truth, “we treat this as a family, not a business”. Always feel free to reach out, we look forward to chatting. If you are ever in Denver, give us a shout!

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