After the infamous global pandemic of 2020 swept a sense of joy and
community from the nation, new ideas and legacies were born. The beginning of
a creative era launched - skyrocketing the success of some businesses and
sinking that of others. During a physical quarantine, it was the ideas that came
from outside the box that managed to see daylight.

From a drastic transition in the way of life, a new movement was born. A
movement that was for the people, because of the people. 808 began to tap into
a new market for artist flip jerseys and merchandise. In this digital age, a
community was born that grew so strong it survived the hardest of times for
businesses. Not only that, it flourished as things began to return to normal.

808 set the bar high for merchandise with their top-quality products,
sought-after artist collaborations, and support for our favorite artists during such
a difficult time. 808 discovered the best way to keep the EDM industry alive and
their favorite artists afloat, feeling the love from a distance.

What started as jersey flips to support artists and bring fans joy during the
pandemic has now become a well-known music industry name and a movement
like no other. 808 began creating jersey flips for their favorite artists, donating
some of the profit to them when they all abruptly lost their main flow of income,
touring. There’s no doubt that 808 played a massive part in the survival of such
an amazing community while implementing a new approach that proved to be
incredibly successful. 808 eventually evolved into a variety of merchandise from
hoodies to beanies and everything in between.

Each 808 merch drop is limited edition. With an abundance of sought-after
jerseys and highly anticipated artist collaborations, their community races to their
site every Friday at noon MST for their weekly drop. Every move they make
sends fans into a frenzy, and their community has captured the hearts and
attention of every EDM fan around Colorado, spreading quickly across the
nation. Suddenly, EDM shows all around became packed with seas of 808
jerseys, signifying an automatic friend with true style in anyone who was sporting
their famous logo.

808 collaborations have included artists from many genres that their fans know
and love. Every merchandise drop is heavily anticipated, but some artist collaborations sell out in minutes. Some fan-favorite collaborations include
Electric Forest, Wakaan Music, Kayzo, Wooli, Wax Motif, Louis The Child,
Global Dance/Dub, Decadence, Liquid Stranger, Mersiv, Rainbow Kitten
Surprise, Turnpike Troubadours, Rebelation, Casa Bonita, The Nashville
Predators and more.

808’s limited edition merch drops quickly turned into meet-ups, some even
organized by the fans. When they realized the genuineness of this community
and the outstanding potential for connection, Offbeat was born.
As soon as things began to open back up after the pandemic, the 808
community was itching to meet all of their virtual best friends and celebrate their
mutual love for 808 and the movement that it carried. Since the very first meet-up
post-pandemic, Offbeat has turned into a booming business with the hottest
warehouse parties around. Since the artists who rock their shows are left a
mystery, an incredible reputation and confidence from the fans is essential to
pack their venue, the Hideout, each time. Tickets sell out incredibly fast as a
result of the community trusting them wholeheartedly to throw down nothing but
the best party every time.

Anyone who’s been to a show at their Hideout can tell you that no one
does it like Offbeat. The reigning after-party kings continue to throw
unforgettable shows back to back with top artists playing each time. Ticket drops
are just as much of a special event for the fans as merchandise drops. The same
unbeatable quality that their merch holds is the resonating theme for all of their
shows, pop-ups, and events.
Offbeat has hosted an array of talent from the EDM industry that includes
John Summit, Subtronics, Zeds Dead, Svdden Death, Vintage Culture,
Wooli, Deathpact, Lee Foss, Skream, Knock2 (Brownies and Lemonade),
and more.
With a unique production setup, Offbeat is going back to the origin of the
dance music scene - the people and the memories that are created at each show
that make the community like no other. Offbeat shows have emphasized the
importance of fans simply coming together to enjoy the artists' music and each
other. Offbeat shows have no LED screens, and 360 stages with arguably some of the best lasers in Bass Capital (Denver, CO). This only elevates the
environment and keeps people craving more every time.

808 and Offbeat boosted the craze for authentic, music-oriented
warehouse parties and top-of-the-line artist merchandise, which only grew
stronger with each new development. Every new release and each cinematic
Hideout experience lives on in the hearts of their fans.
808 and Offbeat have had the EDM industry of the Bass Capital in a
chokehold since they stepped on the scene. Introducing a new wave of spicy,
timeless EDM fashion and refreshing the EDM community to withstand the
changing of times for years to come.

What started as just EDM artist flips has
blossomed into multi-genre, anime, movie, video game, and TV show
merchandise with everything in between. 808 has created a community not only
filled with love and support but also inspiring people to find new hobbies and
interests, providing an outlet for like-minded friends to make memories that’ll last

808 and Offbeat have created not only a legacy and a movement like
never seen before but also a family and a community for all kinds of music lovers
to come together and celebrate their common passions with guaranteed support
and acceptance.

One thing is for sure, the positive contributions of 808 and
Offbeat will have an everlasting presence in the music industry.
As long as 808 and Offbeat hold their one-of-a-kind essence and top-tier
quality of merchandise and events, people will continue to line up at the door and
the fans’ support will remain unshakable. There’s no sign of this momentum
slowing down anytime soon as they never fail to keep fans on the edge of their
seats, captivated by every new moment and memory they’ve inspired.