Nameplate/Number/Size Changes:
You are able to change your nameplate and/or number for customer jerseys up to midnight the day of the sale (MT). In order to be honored, your change request email must include (1) your order number and (2) your new requested and accurate nameplate, number and size. Sleeve numbers will match the number unless otherwise stated in the description of the product, the sleeve numbers will match the number selected for the back of the jersey. There is no sleeve customization available. 
Shipping Questions:
All pre-sale items ship within 6-8 weeks of when the pre-sale closes. Pre-sales close anywhere from between 24 hours after drop to up to two weeks after the drop, so it is not necessarily 6-8 weeks from when you ordered. Although 6-8 weeks is what we stick to achieving, we often see items being delivered before that. All of our in-stock items ship within 2-5 business days. Once your order is ready for shipment you will receive an email with all relative tracking information. 
If you receive a defective product you must reach out to us within 7 days of the product being delivered with photos of the defect. We stand by our products and are committed to providing defect free items, however from time to time there are defects on a limited number of the items that are missed. We will be happy to work with you directly to come up with a solution. Products must be unworn and we must be contacted within 7 days of delivery for a resolution to be possible. Elev808 unfortunately cannot be responsible for incorrect sizes ordered or nameplate/number errors that were caused by an incorrect submission on the customer's end.  
Exchanges/Size Swaps
Exchanges for a new size can be offered for any item as long as we have the required new size in-stock. For custom nameplate and number jerseys we cannot always provide the same number and nameplate size swap, so that will be a decision you need to make if your size is available. The customer will have to pay for the cost to return the item and an additional $10 for the new item shipping label to be sent.
Due to the low LE (limited edition) nature of most of our items this is something that is difficult for us, however we do want to work with you where possible. For pre-sale items there is a strict no return policy given the nature of the limited pre-sale, however you should be able to find a buyer in our community in our Facebook group. In an effort to minimize scams, sales or trades on jerseys that have not shipped to you are prohibited in Facebook group. For stocked items, we can offer the ability to return your product within 7 days of delivery. During a return the customer will be responsible for a 10% restock fee (i.e. your refund will only be for 90% of the product price).

Address Changes:

Please email as soon as possible regarding address changes to ensure proper delivery. Elev808 cannot be responsible for address change requests that are submitted after a product is shipped. Additionally, we can only change addresses to another address with the original purchaser's name. You will not be allowed to sell or trade your jersey with another person prior to receiving it yourself. If you would like to change your address, your change request email must include (1) your order number, and (2) your full address including your full name, street address, unit number, city, state, and zip code. 

The best and only approved way to clean by Elev808 is by dry cleaning. Dry cleaning will ensure a clean and undamaged final product. We have seen many be successful with washing their jerseys by hand or on delicate cycles while inside out with cold water and hang drying. Although mostly all good outcomes when using a washing machine or washing by hand, we cannot guarantee or be responsible for any damage since every washing machine/hand wash method is different and there have been different outcomes. 




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